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Student Resources - Office 365







Office 365 is available to all current 4th thru 12th grade students in the Zillah School District at no charge to students or families! (*must be currently enrolled)


How can I take part in this opportunity?

  • Sign into the Office 365 portal (can be done from work, home, anywhere there is an Internet connection)
      • Username is the following: COMPUTER-SIGN-IN and then add to the end of it (this is called a Work or School Account).
      • Password is the same as your computer login

You may also use the sign in information for your personal device such as your personal Windows device, iPhone/iPad, or Android phone/tablet. Specific apps are identified under the “Software” section of your portal site.



o365 cal


Your one stop shop for organizing your day. You can create appointments (only appears on your calendar) or meetings (will send requests to each person you add asking to confirm the meeting).


o365 onedrive


OneDrive is your online storage. You have 1TB of space within your district OneDrive account for saving school related items. You can use Word/Excel/PowerPoint online to create new and edit existing documents that you have created or that your instructor has shared with you.


o365 onenote


OneNote is also available for you to take and organize your notes for school.


o365 apps



What if my computer does not meet the minimum system requirements?

If you are using a computer that fails the minimum requirements check, you can still use the web browser based version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as OneNote and OneDrive. Every student who is currently enrolled at the Zillah School District (grades 4-12) can sign into and utilize the browser based applications. This will also alleviate the need to carry files around on USB flash/thumb drives as your files are always available to you from within OneDrive (1TB of storage for every student) as long as you are a student here in the Zillah School District. Using OneDrive, you can work on your files from any computer, anytime, any place with an Internet connection.


What can I do with OneDrive?

OneDrive is the district's choice for online file storage. Students are granted unlimited storage (*subject to change) for school related work. OneDrive gives the students the ability to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online and then have the ability to edit those files in Microsoft Office 2016 (at school) or Office 365 (at home).


What happens when I leave the district or graduate?

The subscription to Office 365 in only valid while enrolled at the Zillah School District. Once a student or staff member leaves the district, the subscription will terminate but Microsoft will offer a continuation of the subscription at a cost to the individual from that point forward. We give students and staff ample time to download their files from their OneDrive storage so that the content is not lost, but will not do so internally. Once the account closes, any files remaining will be deleted and are lost. It is up to the individual to ensure that they take appropriate measures to clean out their digital storage, the district will not be responsible for data after that point.