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The Core Purpose of the Zillah School District is to provide equitable educational pathways allowing all students to achieve success through high levels of learning and individual growth.


Mission Statement

The Zillah School District, in partnership with students, parents, and community, inspires a culture of life-long learning.


Vision Statement

Educational Excellence for Everyone Every Day "The Four E's"
Foundational Commitments
  • High levels of learning for every child, no matter race, economic level, or ability.
  • Providing students and staff a safe, secure, and respectful learning environment.
  • Engaging stakeholders at all levels.
  • Graduating students who are contributing citizens and college/career ready.
  • Responsible budgeting with a focus on District Priorities.
  • Hiring, developing, and retaining high caliber staff who exemplify and support our core purpose.
  • Following all state and federal requirements.
ZSD Priorities
Performance and Growth
  • Staff Professional Development/PLC's
  • Early Learning Opportunities
  • Guaranteed and Viable Instruction
  • Appropriate and Transparent Curricular Resources
  • Expand Post-Secondary Options
  • Improve Student Achievement Measures
Technological Integration
  • 21st Century Learning (STEM, CTE, College/Career Ready)
  • Maintain Technological Resources
  • Provide Relevant, Timely, and Adaptive Technical Skills to Staff and Students
  • Innovative Instructional Practices
  • Support Safety and Security
Maintain Financial Stability
  • Timely Facility Planning
  • Careful Analysis of Student Programs and Initiatives
  • Partner With Outside Agencies to Maximize Funding Options
  • Develop Responsible, Annual Fiscal Plans