Superintendent Message Regarding Lockdown Situation at HES and ZMS -September 7, 2022

Zillah School District Community,

This morning at approximately 10:50 AM, the Zillah Police Department issued a Lockdown of Hilton Elementary as a precautionary measure for a situation they were dealing with near the school. Soon after, the Lockdown was moved to Secure and Teach for Hilton Elementary and, at the same time, the Zillah Middle School was put in a Secure and Teach as the situation evolved. Secure and Teach was lifted for both schools at approximately 11:56 AM and school resumed as normal.

As soon as the Lockdown/Secure and Teach was issued, building staff acted according to safety protocols and training. Staff and students were safe for the duration of the situation and closely monitored by building and district administration.

Like all situations of this nature, we take this extremely seriously and will analyze safety protocols to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our staff and students.


Superintendent, Doug Burge


Lockdown: Response to a threat of harm.

Secure and Teach: Response to a potential threat of harm.