Hilton and ZIS Intervention Programs to Start September 12, 2022

Zillah School District Intervention Support


Dear Parents/Guardians, 


Zillah School District is committed to providing the highest quality of education for every student. Developing a multi-level approach to provide differentiated support to all students is a way to meet this commitment, especially in early academic years. Therefore, to determine if students are meeting grade-level expectations, every child will be screened three times per year (fall, winter, spring) to measure progress in reading and math. Our teachers will provide a variety of approaches to ensure each student’s success. When screenings show that interventions are needed, some may take place within the classroom and some may take place outside the classroom with an intervention specialist. Parents will be notified by mail if their child is in need of an intervention outside the confines of the classroom. 


The Zillah School District’s multi-leveled model at Hilton Elementary School and Zillah Intermediate School uses a three-tiered approach to instruction/intervention: 


  • Tier 1- Classroom teachers will use a variety of strategies within the core curriculum to address individual instructional needs. Often, students will have opportunities to enhance their learning.
  • Tier 2- Based on assessment data, students who are unsuccessful in Tier 1 will be provided additional research-based interventions during specified intervention time in the general education classroom. General education teachers will monitor student progress.
  • Tier 3- Students who have great deficit in skills or continue to struggle in Tier 2 will receive more intensive interventions, often in a small group outside of the general education classroom by the intervention specialist. Parents have the ability to request progress information at any time once a student is placed in Tier 3 intervention.


Interventions will continue as needed to ensure student success in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 instructional/intervention program. Tier 3 interventions will be strategically delivered and closely monitored by an intervention specialist: Katie Irion (Hilton Elementary) and Ashley Brown (Zillah Intermediate). The vast majority of students will meet grade-level expectations within this three-tiered approach.


If you have question in regard to the goals of the District program, feel free to contact me at any time.  If you would like to learn more about building efforts or intervention programs, contact the building principal or the intervention specialist.



 Justin Irion

Assistant Superintendent/Director of Special Programs