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Title I and Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), includes English Language Learners (ELLs) in the state accountability system and require states to set performance targets referred to as Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for English language profieciency.  Under seciton 3122(a)(3), Achievement Objectives and Accountability, the AMAOs for English language profieciency must include:


AMAO-1:  Annual increases in the number of percentage of children making progress in learning English.

AMAO-2:  Annual increases in the number or percentage of children attaining english proficiency.

AMAO-3:  The number or percentage of students meeting AYP targets in the reading and math ELL cell.

Section 3122(b)(2) of Title III requires States to apply accountability measures when district have not met the AMAO targets.

Each district must individually inform parents of ELLs eligible for Title III that the district did not meet one or more of the AMAO targets for the school year, as described in section 3122 of Title III.


AMAO Determination Parent Letter-English 

AMAO Determination Parent Letter-Spanish

Download this file (AMAO Parent Ltr Eng.pdf)AMAO Parent Ltr Eng.pdf[AMAO Determination Parent Letter-English]
Download this file (AMAO Parent Ltr Spn.pdf)AMAO Parent Ltr Spn.pdf[AMAO Determination Parent Letter-Spanish]