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Bus 8

Safety for our children is of great concern to our transportation department staff, but school bus safety starts even before they get to the bus stop! Here are some safety tips to share with your children.

Be on time. Walk—don't run—to the bus stop.

Use sidewalks and crosswalks if available.

Stand back from the edge of the road. If you have to cross, wait for the driver to signal it is safe.

Stay in your seat and use an inside voice.

Always keep yourself and all belongings inside the windows and out of the aisles.

Follow the driver's instructions. They are in charge at all times.

Exit the bus carefully and use the handrails.

Take five giant steps in front of the bus, wait for the driver to signal before crossing the road.

Yield to the bus. If you drop something, tell the bus driver—do not try to get it yourself.

Be aware that school buses make frequent stops and children may be crossing the road. When the red lights are flashing and the stop paddle is extended, all traffic must come to a complete stop. The Washington State Patrol, Yakima County Sheriff's Department and Zillah City Police are working closely with our transportation department on all stop paddle violations. The safety of our children should be our first concern.

During the winter months when the mornings and afternoons are dark, it is important for our children to wear reflective clothing so they are visible not only to the bus driver, but to other vehicles as well. Statistics show that school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation for our children. Please review safety rules with your children throughout the year and help us keep them safe at all times.


Complete listing of the Bus Rules or (pdf)


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