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General Use FAQ:

Q: I notice I have two new drives (M: and U:) showing up in "My Computer" (Windows XP) or "Computer" (Windows 7/8), what are they for?

A: The M: Drive (DSF or "District Shared Files") is for collaboration and distribution of documents and files that traditional email was not meant for. As buildings and departments make more things available, you will see this area fill up with useful templates, worksheets, etc.

The U: drive or "User" drive is your personal space on the server. Think of it like a flash drive you do not need to carry with you between district owned computers. You can place files on the U: drive and they will be accessible to you anywhere you login to a computer throughout the district.


Q: What is the difference between my U: drive and OneDrive for Business?

A: The U: drive makes any file you save to this location available to you from any network attached computer in the district. OneDrive for Business is part of out "cloud" connected stragety that makes your files available to you from outside of the district as well as making your files available to your Smart Phone, tablet, or other mobile computing device. Using the OneDrive for Buisness as part of our SharePoint Online service allows for greater collaboration between staff and students as well as allowing you to work on your documents from home without needing to email them back and forth or carrying a USB flash drive.


Q: How to I setup my mobile phone to check my district email?

A: Please read the following PDF on how to setup your mobile device.