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Zillah School District

 Maintenance and Operations Levy

Q & A Fact Sheet 2016

What is a Maintenance and Operations (M&O) levy? 

Maintenance and Operations levy is a special property tax that allows citizens a way to fund school programs not covered by state or federal dollars.  The approval of the M&O Levy in the Zillah School District allows the district to continue to maintain and operate educational programs to their current status.  The M&O Levy is not a new tax; it is a replacement(renewal of previously passed levy) tax that voters approve every two years. 


What is the length, the amount and property tax rate of the proposed Maintenance and Operations levy? 

On November 17, 2015 the Zillah School District Board of Directors approved by resolution the placing on an M&O Levy on the February 9, 2016 election.

Amount:          $775,000

Length:            2 years--tax years 2017, 2018

Rate:                $1.96/$1,000

What was the amount and rate of the 2014 M&O Levy?

The Board has decided to keep the amount of the levy the same as in past years and because of increased property value within the Zillah School District the rate/$1,000 has decreased from 2014.

2014 Levy Amount and Rate                         2016 Levy Amount and Rate

Amount:          $775,000                                 Amount:          $775,000

Rate:                $2.11                                      Rate:                $1.96

What is levy equalization and how does it impact the Zillah School District?         

Levy equalization provides funds to low property valuation school districts.  The Zillah School District is considered by the state to be a low property valuation district.  School Districts must pass their levy in order to receive the state equalization funds.  The Zillah School District would receive approximately $1,000,000 in levy equalization funds each year from the state.

What does the Zillah School District use the M&O levy funds for?                           The levy funds educational programs and offerings that fall outside the states definition of basic education.

Instruction, Learning and Teaching

  • Smaller class size
  • Staffing not supported by state or federal funds Fine Arts, Physical Education, Character Education, Alternative Education, STEM
  • Advanced courses in math, science, social studies and English
  • Instructional materials-textbooks, supplies and materials
  • Staff Development-training, professional development
  • Equipment-computers, audio/video systems, copy machines, furniture

Facilities and Maintenance

  • Equipment-tools, vehicles, fuel
  • Grounds-mowers, irrigation systems, fertilizer, litter control
  • Buildings-HV/AV, repairs, carpets, paint
  • Technology-computers, infrastructure, student data systems, repairs, trouble shooting, monitoring


  • Custodial-staffing, equipment, supplies, materials
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Legal assistance
  • Maintenance-staffing, equipment, supplies and materials
  • Transportation-buses, vans, cars, extra-curricular trips, drivers
  • Security and Safety Systems, ZPD officers on campus


  • Middle school and High school Athletics
  • Mighty Leopards
  • Drama, Pep Band
  • Advisors/Coaches-Stipends, supplemental contracts
  • Travel-transportation, meals, lodging
  • Equipment
  • Field maintenance
  • Security
  • Support of community programs (AAU, Grid Kids, Cal Ripken, Little Guys Wrestling, etc.)

What is the history of the Zillah School District M&O Levy?                                                

The patrons of the Zillah School District have the tradition of supporting their schools as evident by the Levy election results listed below. 

How does our tax rate compare to other Yakima county school districts?

Election Date Passed Percentage   District 2015 Levy Tax Rate
4/28/1998 67.7%   East Valley $3.41
2/29/2000 60.4%   Grandview $2.52
2/5/2002 69.6%   Granger $2.25
2/3/2004 63.3%   Highland $3.27
2/7/2006 65.5%   Naches $3.44
2/19/2008 64.6%   Selah $3.60
2/9/2010 70.69%   Toppenish $2.02
2/14/12 68.71%   Union Gap $2.48
2/11/14 72.90%   Wapato $1.92
      West Valley $2.86
      Yakima $3.11
      Zillah $2.02


Is there a tax break for senior citizens and others?

YES, disabled persons and some senior citizens may qualify for a total exemption from payments of levy property taxes. Contact the Yakima County Assessor at 574-1100.


When will voters be asked to vote on the M&O Levy?  

The Zillah School District’s Maintenance and Operations Levy Election is part of the February 9, 2016 Special Elections. This is an all-mail in election.  Ballots will be mailed to registered Zillah School District voters on or about January 22, 2016.           

Need more information?                                                                                                 

Use the Zillah School District Levy Website: or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ZSD Superintendent at 829-5911, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.