• Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

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James Howard

Director of Technology

(p) 509-829-4050

(e) james.howard "at" zillahschools.org



Michelle Baxter

Technology/Media Specialist

(p) 509-829-4050

(e) michelle.baxter "at" zillahschools.org







Office 365 is available to all current 4th thru 12th grade students in the Zillah School District at no charge to students or families! (*must be currently enrolled)


How can I take part in this opportunity?

  • Sign into the Office 365 portal (can be done from work, home, anywhere there is an Internet connection)
    • http://office.com
      • Username is the following: COMPUTER-SIGN-IN and then add @zillahschools.org to the end of it (this is called a Work or School Account).
      • Password is the same as your computer login

You may also use the sign in information for your personal device such as your personal Windows device, iPhone/iPad, or Android phone/tablet. Specific apps are identified under the “Software” section of your portal site.



o365 cal

Your one stop shop for organizing your day. You can create appointments (only appears on your calendar) or meetings (will send requests to each person you add asking to confirm the meeting).


o365 onedrive

OneDrive is your online storage. You have 1TB of space within your district OneDrive account for saving school related items. You can use Word/Excel/PowerPoint online to create new and edit existing documents that you have created or that your instructor has shared with you.


o365 onenote

OneNote is also available for you to take and organize your notes for school.


o365 apps


What if my computer does not meet the minimum system requirements?

If you are using a computer that fails the minimum requirements check, you can still use the web browser based version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as OneNote and OneDrive. Every student who is currently enrolled at the Zillah School District (grades 4-12) can sign into http://office.com and utilize the browser based applications. This will also alleviate the need to carry files around on USB flash/thumb drives as your files are always available to you from wthin OneDrive (1TB of storage for every student) as long as you are a student here in the Zillah School District. Using OneDrive, you can work on your files from any computer, anytime, any place with an Internet connection.


What can I do with OneDrive?

OneDrive is the district's choice for online file storage. Students are granted unlimited storage (*subject to change) for school related work. OneDrive gives the students the ability to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files online and then have the ability to edit those files in Microsoft Office 2016 (at school) or Office 365 (at home).


What happens when I leave the district or graduate?

The subscription to Office 365 in only valid while enrolled at the Zillah School Distrct. Once a student or staff member leaves the district, the subscription will terminate but Microsoft will offer a continuation of the subscription at a cost to the individual from that point forward. We give students and staff ample time to download their files from their OneDrive storage so that the content is not lost, but will not do so internally. Once the account closes, any files remaining will be deleted and are lost. It is up to the individual to ensure that they take appropriate measures to clean out their digital storage, the district will not be responsible for data after that point.

This will be where we post all required RFP information for E-Rate based services.


Funding Year 2019

Service  Description or Attachment (if necessary) 
Category 2  Seeking items to fulfill the below summary of services. 




Service  Question Answer 

Upcoming Training Opportunities


Course Date Time Duration Course Outline
Classroom Technology for Educators August 12, 2014 8am till noon 4 hours PDF
Microsoft Office August 14, 2014 8am till noon 4 hours PDF
Website fundementals August 19, 2014  8am till 10am  2 hours PDF
Intro to Interactive Boards/SmartBoards August 19, 2014 10am till noon 2 hours TBD



Educational Technology Literacy Standards

Technology Literacy Standards for Staff and Students of Zillah School District



Internet Safety Resources

Resources to promote and educate staff and students

Microsoft DreamSpark



What is DreamSpark?


DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes.


DreamSpark is simple: it's all about giving students Microsoft professional-level developer and designer tools at no cost so that students can chase their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology - or just get a head start on their career.


DreamSpark helps educators teach the latest technologies and experiment in research. Microsoft knows that to make learning more motivating, relevant, and engaging for today's students requires a diverse set of resources. DreamSpark gives educators the resources to ensure their classrooms always have the latest technologies to challenges, motivate, and keep students engaged in new ways.


DreamSpark is also a subscription for Academic Institutions: it provides a cost-effective way to put Microsoft developer tools, platforms and servers in labs and classrooms, and on their students' and faculty's computers for learning and research purposes. It reduces lab costs and teaching budgets.


How do I access DreamSpark?

Please have your teacher contact Technology Services to have an account created for you so that you may begin using the DreamSpark electronic distribution portal.


DreamSpark Footer 


*DreamSpark program descriotion copyright of Microsoft corporation. Electronic Distribution portal provided by Kivuto.

Customer Focused:

We will focus on the needs of our staff and students above all other priorities. Our goal is to utilize feedback from staff and community members to develop strategic direction based in part upon desired new services and feedback on existing services.


We require reliability and accessibility from the district information resources systems and services. These values rely upon each other; you cannot risk reliability for accessibility and vice versa.


Promote new and improved ways to solve technology problems without sacrificing other guiding principles. Think beyond perceived constraints.


Implement new information services that represent value to our staff as compared to other peer districts. Value requires containing costs while optimizing usefulness.

Continuous Improvement:

Incorporate metrics to measure performance and verify effectiveness of information resources. Utilize metrics along with staff feedback, direct or through surveys, to identify training and/or resource deficiencies. Incorporate the feedback into our Technology Services best practices and procedure manual and website.


General Use FAQ:

Q: I notice I have two new drives (M: and U:) showing up in "My Computer" (Windows XP) or "Computer" (Windows 7/8), what are they for?

A: The M: Drive (DSF or "District Shared Files") is for collaboration and distribution of documents and files that traditional email was not meant for. As buildings and departments make more things available, you will see this area fill up with useful templates, worksheets, etc.

The U: drive or "User" drive is your personal space on the server. Think of it like a flash drive you do not need to carry with you between district owned computers. You can place files on the U: drive and they will be accessible to you anywhere you login to a computer throughout the district.


Q: What is the difference between my U: drive and OneDrive for Business?

A: The U: drive makes any file you save to this location available to you from any network attached computer in the district. OneDrive for Business is part of out "cloud" connected stragety that makes your files available to you from outside of the district as well as making your files available to your Smart Phone, tablet, or other mobile computing device. Using the OneDrive for Buisness as part of our SharePoint Online service allows for greater collaboration between staff and students as well as allowing you to work on your documents from home without needing to email them back and forth or carrying a USB flash drive.


Q: How to I setup my mobile phone to check my district email?

A: Please read the following PDF on how to setup your mobile device.




We are pleased to offer the following services to the staff and students of Zillah Schools.


  • BiC Logo Yellow - As part of Microsoft's continued focus on promoting digital literacy in education, the Bing in the Classroom program offers daily lesson plans designed to teach search skills, Bing Rewards enhancements to help earn Microsoft Surface RT tablets for schools, and, for schools admitted to the pilot program, a tailored Bing search experience for K-12 students when on the school network. Schools participating in the search pilot will receive ad-free Bing search, strict filtering to help block adult content, and augmented privacy protections. School districts can register for these search enhancements now; a limited number will be accepted into the initial pilot, with other schools being notified about future eligibility. But many of the educational features of Bing in the Classroom are available to non-pilot schools as well, so be sure to explore all the ways you can support digital literacy in your school.
  • DreamSpark-Logo - DreamSpark is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Please contact Technology Services for details on how to sign up and take advantage of this great opportunity.
  • Edmodo-Logo - A LMS (Learning Management System) platform that will allow you to create content developed with education in mind. You can create individual classrooms in which you will be able to add students, engage them via tests, homework (which you can post to your own personal classroom), engage in discussions all in a controlled, safe environment. Please contact Technology Services for details on how to enroll and receive your school code to sign up.
  • PIL-Logo - An online resource for teaching digital literacy skills for our K-12 students. You may sign in using your Office365 username and password for this resource. If you have any questions, please contact Technology Services for support.

  • Office365-Logo - An online extension of our new server system here within the Zillah School District. With Office365 you can create/maintain a blog style webpage using Microsoft SharePoint Online, create a means for you to access files from any device/any platform using Office Web Apps (Word, Power Point and Excel) to edit and create files all from your web browser. Please contact Technology Services with details on how you can obtain access to this service. To take advantage of this opportunity, students and staff check out the article located (here).
  • Spiceworks-Logo - A comprehensive help desk application used to create trouble tickets, monitor and maintain technology related items, and a searchable user created knowledge base that will aid staff in looking at previously solved issues to speed up troubleshooting.

When requesting a new toner, please make sure to submit a ticket and be sure to include the date the toner was replaced, and the amount of copies that were reported. Please see the product documentation on how to obtain printer page count.


Make Toner/Ink Part# Vendor Cost
HP 1200      
HP 1300      
HP 1320      
HP 2200      
HP 2420      
HP 4000      
HP 4050      
HP 4100      
HP 7310

HP 96 - Black

HP 97 - Color

HP 840c

HP 15 - Black

HP 17 - Color

HP 845c      
HP 880c

HP 45 - Black

HP 23 - Color

HP 895cse      
HP Color Laserjet 5500dn      
HP deskjet 6122      
HP Laserjet P2035n      
HP Laserjet 3600dn      
HP Officejet 7410

HP 96 - Black

HP 97 - Color

HP PhotoSmart 7260      
HP PhotSmart C4280 psc

HP 74 - Black

HP 75 - Color

HP PhotoSmart Plus      
HP PSC 1210xi

HP 56 - Black

HP 57 - Color

Kyocera FS1900      
Okipage 20      
Okipage 24dx      
Troy 617/HP 4000      

When requesting a new bulb, please make sure to submit a ticket and be sure to include the date the bulb went out, and the amount of hours that were on the bulb. Please see the product documentation on how to obtain and reset the bulb life hours. Once the new bulb has been installed, please reset the lamp hours prior to using the projector or contact someone in the Tech Department to assist with this process.

Make Bulb Part
Epson PowerLite 50c ELPLP13
Epson PowerLite 77c V13H010L41 
Epson PowerLite 78 V13H010L41 
Epson PowerLite 82c V13H010L34
Epson PowerLite 83c V13H010L42 
Epson PowerLite 83+ V13H010L42
Epson PowerLite 84  V13H010L50
Epson PowerLite 93  V13H010L60
Epson PowerLite 95  V13H010L60
Epson PowerLite 96w V13H010L60
Epson PowerLite S3 V13H010L33
Epson PowerLite S4 V13H010L36
Epson PowerLite S5 V13H010L41
Epson PowerLite S6 V13H010L41
Epson PowerLite 410w  V13H010L42
Epson BrightLink 485wi  V13H010L71
Epson BrightLink 585wi V13H010L80

Smart UF75



We are comprised of 2 FTE staff members who service and maintain:

  • 780 computers
  • 500 mobile devices
  • 100 network connected laser printers
  • Digital Projectors and Interactive Projectors/Digital Whiteboards
  • Digital Document Cameras
  • Building level and district level connectivity including wireless communications
  • Internet Access and Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control Systems
  • Website administration
  • Server administration
  • Core infrastructure
    • Cisco Catalyst series switching devices
    • Cisco Wireless Access and Control devices
    • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 Active Directory Design and Management
    • Microsoft Exchange 2013 Design and Management
    • Storage design and management
    • Data disaster recovery
    • Server disaster recovery




We will continually add content that will aid and assist you with your tech related needs here in the district. If you need help, please submit a ticket here.


Tech Docs



Device Type