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Join us for Cake Decorating Lessons

Take home two sunflower cupcakes!  

Date: Thursday May 17, 2018

Time: 6-7:30pm in the Commons


Cost: $5.00 per person (includes 2 cupcakes to take home

and all ingredients for decorating fun)


Purchase your tickets in

the MS office by 12pm on May 14, 2018 to reserve a table for this family fun activity!




ELA - Talani Oliver

Math -  Carson Favilla

Social Studies - Lily Simmons

Science -  Jasmine Gonzalez

PE - Drann Emery

ON TRACK - Izaiah Zuniga

Band/Choir - Luke Moore


ELA - Henry Olsen

Math -  Taylor Savage

Social Studies - Tanner Morford

Science -  Timothy Grigg

PE - Ricardo Gomez-Sanchez

ON TRACK - Xavier Smith

Band/Choir - Kennice Amaro






ELA : Andrew Juarez

ELA: Mario Ruiz

MATH: Luke Navarre

MATH: Samuel Jensen



SCIENCE: Samuel Jensen

SCIENCE: Lily Simmons

PE: Talani Oliver

PE: Brooke Heilman

ON TRACK: Pedro Barrera

BAND: Ian Muffet



ELA : Taylor Savage

ELA: Kaylani Shah

MATH: Elijah Rodriguez

MATH: Hudson Garcia



SCIENCE: Jared Nunes

SCIENCE: Alexia Juarez

PE: Aurora Saenz

PE: Timothy Grigg

ON TRACK: Julian George

BAND: Taylor Johnson


HONOR ROLL STUDENTS 2nd semester  (Awards Assembly March 16th at 9am)

ZMS Semester 1  -   8th Grade 4.0

Jared Nunes

Henry Olsen

Taylor Savage

Kaylani Shah

 ZMS Semester 1  -   7th Grade 4.0

Eric Gomez

Tiana Lafollette

Olivia Maude

Hailye Moscone

Ian Muffet

Landon Sanchey

Aliah Schoonover

Lily Simmons

Marilyn Vader

8th grade A Honor Roll

Madden Garcia

Hudson Garcia

Caitlyn Donaldson

Celisse Cunningham

Timothy Grigg

Tanner Morford

Cruz Hernandez

Magdalyn Kaercher

Kadence Ward

Elijah Rodriguez

Baylee Manjarrez

Dennis Jones

Kennice Amaro

Kaden Oswalt

Isaac Boisselle

Marcus Cobar

Brynn Widner

8th Grade B Honor Roll

Jodi Berry

Claysen Delp

Dakoda Bauer

Kaden Ruggles

Tanaya Peterson

Nayeli Mendez Chavez

Alondra Sanchez-Escobar

Isabella Hernandez

Brady Purdy

Vanessa Chavez

Diana Lopez

Ryan Hill

Brady Damron

Ricardo Sanchez-Luna

Lincoln Garcia

Aaron Alexander

Owen Avila

Ivan Torres

Mikayela Fernandez

Alexis Rubalcaba

Victoria Ochoa

Braydon Flood

Mayce Wofford

Madison Carlson

Diego Milam

Taylor Johnson

Karla Martinez

Graciela Beltran

Jacob Hudson

Victor Cisneros

Samuel Santos

Elijah James-Morfin

Halle Sonnenfeld

Laura Mark

Zane Delp

Ashton Waldman

7th grade A Honor Roll


Koraima Villalobos

Jaazaniah Lustre

Brook Heilman

Luke Navarre

Andrew Juarez

Emily Koerner

Cody Balch

Jasmin Gonzalez-Ramirez

Jocelyn Hunter

Aiden Garza

Drann Emery

Gerardo Lopez-Medina

Isaac Zepeda

Dallin Kibbe

Samuel Jensen

Emma Stewart

Jace Dunn

Julian Marquez

Mario Ruiz-Vasquez

Carson Favilla

Mireya Diaz

Dawson Hibbs

Elizabeth Nye

Jocelyn Riggs

Emily Olson

Marco Guzman

Talani Oliver

Luke Moore

Akia Young-Hinkle

Emily Greene

7th grade B Honor Roll

Destiny Salme

Kylie Kinter

Sheadan Heemsah

Kiezer Cochran

Jordan Williams

Pedro Barrera III

Riley Hecker

Daniela Sanchez

Jalyn Nash

Emy Arceo

Alenca Diaz Sanchez

Adan Alejandre

Celestine Fernandez

Dylan Husted

Caleb Wertenberger

Jon Van Cleave

Kaden Haffner

Norma Trujillo

Felicity Mejia

Miriam Romano

Halle Zapien-Guerra

Erik Esquivel



 ZMS Staff GoLeps



Dear ZMS students and parents,

On behalf of the staff at Zillah Middle School, I am happy to welcome you to the 2017-18 school year.  We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure all students can achieve academic Excellence Every Day!

Success, one child at a time – the effort to meet each child’s needs for growth socially, emotionally and academically – is ongoing and intentional. The staff at ZMS use a variety of assessments to gather data on the academic growth of our students and use that data to develop appropriate classroom and individualized instruction. Regular review and revision of our curriculum help us to ensure that we are delivering the best possible learning experience for our students. We have an integrated school-wide Character Education program called ON Track and use Character Education traits as key concepts during learning opportunities for social-emotional growth. Our teachers “know” their students, identifying strengths, challenges and passions while striving for a positive school experience and love of learning.

The ZMS staff value our students and families and as partners, we share the responsibility for our children’s success! We look forward to working together this upcoming year. If you have any questions about our school and your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are looking forward to a fantastic school year.


Tracy Savage



Leopard Pride is School-Wide!






Mission Statement

It is the mission of the ZMS community to provide a positive and safe learning environment

in which every student can achieve academic, social, and emotional growth.

Vision Statement

“Educational Excellence for Everyone”



Zillah Middle School is committed to providing all students with a quality educational experience that will assist them in future opportunities. Education is a cooperative effort and the responsibility of teachers, students, parents, and community. Our purpose is to assure learning experiences, which facilitate development of skills, competencies, and attitudes. These are fundamental to achieving personal satisfaction and growth as a responsible, contributing citizen. Our school attempts to develop a student's individuality and foster a positive self-concept based upon the value of his/her efforts and recognition of his/her achievement. The education process will also respect the uniqueness of each individual and teach all students to respect themselves and others.


  • To increase student performance in the classroom by examining methods, curriculum, objectives, and standards.
  • To improve the communication process among teachers, parents, and students by using standard grading practices, progress reports, conferences, and calls to parents.
  • To focus on the success of students, the staff will use positive reinforcement whenever possible by providing meaningful learning opportunities for the students.
  • To develop consistent, clear building policies for all students by the development and clarification of handbook policies, which will provide equitable standards for everyone.
  • To provide a challenging, positive, fun experience to all students in 7th and 8th grade.
  • To prepare students for the transition to the next level of learning.
  • To make learning fun and challenging.








Dear ZMS Families,


We have launched the ON-TRACK Program at ZMS and your child will receive a bracelet with a Stretch-N-Reveal™ message reminding them to stay ON-TRACK.


This tool is for home and school and we hope you will encourage your student to wear it as much as possible.  Working together at home and school doubly impacts the progress of learning and implementing the necessary components to building a positive culture and learning skills necessary to making great life choices.


We cannot stress enough that with teamwork, collaboration, and acceptance students feel accepted and safe which gives them the confidence to take accountability for their choices. There is no limit to the importance these principles play in the overall learning and success of our students. This program is designed to incorporate self-respect, respect for others, and combines training our students about the importance of developing courage to take personal responsibility to assist them in making wise choices.


The acronym TRACK stands for the following:

Tolerance I accept others for who they are even if they look or believe different than me.

Respect — I will show respect for myself, for others, for property and for the environment.


¨I am responsible for my own actions and successes.

¨I will not make excuses or blame others.

¨I will exercise self-control and I will own my attitude.



¨I will have the courage to stay ON TRACK and do what is right, even when it is difficult.

¨By setting goals, I will accomplish great things. 

¨I will have the courage to get started, press on and finish well!

Kindness I will treat others the way I want to be treated.


Students are encouraged to make the ON-TRACK Pledge to work on applying these standards. Students are learning these principles with ON-TRACKmoments throughout the school year which teach how to live out these values. The students will wear the Stretch-N-Reveal™ bands as tactile reminders, a tool encouraging them to consider their actions and ON-TRACK for success.


             Thank you for your partnership in your student's education,

Tracy Savage, ZMS Principal                 Tammy Lewis, ZMS Assistant Principal