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2019 graduation

Please contact ZHS Senior Class of 2019 Advisor: Mrs. Jessica Carter for additional information.

 Important Dates for Seniors:  Senior Timeline 2019

Forms and Deadlines:


Future Plans & Scholarship Forms: Due April 24, 2019

Senior Graduation Party Permission Form (Parents Group): Due-TBD

Senior Class Field Trip Permission Forms:  Due May 15, 2019

Departmental Honor Award Application: Due May 1, 2019

Honors Diploma Application: Due May 1, 2019

Valedictorian, Salutatorian Applications: Due May 1, 2019

Graduation Cap Decoration Form: Due May 29, 2019


Senior Expectations to the ZHS Class of 2019 (Mr. Torres)

This information is presented to help you make your final days at Zillah High School as positive and successful as possible.

The graduation ceremony is a privilege not a right. Attending is not a requirement to receive a diploma, but seniors must have earned the right to participate by meeting requirements and following guidelines. Please do not put yourself in a position to lose this privilege. 

You should complete all classroom work on time with an emphasis on quality, in other words do your best right up to the last day. Make good decisions about your behavior and attendance.  Your citizenship needs to remain at a high level.  It would be unfortunate to not graduate on time or be dropped from participating in any ceremonies by making poor choices. 

To participate in the graduation and baccalaureate ceremonies you must complete the graduation requirements, attend the required practices and be cleared of all fines.  Parents of students who do not meet the expectations will receive notification of non-participation for their students.

(Clip and post at home.)

DATE                                              EVENT                                                                                  

4/12      -Senior Class meeting to review expectations.

4/24      -Senior Future Plans & Scholarship Information due to Mr. Griffin (1st Draft)

5/1         -Senior make up credit verifications due (E2020, etc.) to principal

               -Forms due- Departmental Honor Awards, Honors Diploma, Valedictorian/Salutatorian

5/13      -Graduation Seating Chart & Marching Partners completed with Senior Advisor

5/15      -Senior Field Trip forms and fees due, Final attending list completed

5/17      -Preliminary fine list published (Pay fines only in office)

5/22      -Senior Aloha BBQ at Lunch-Science Building South Lawn

5/23      -Senior Final Exams Periods 1-3-5

5/24      -Senior Final Exams Periods 2 & 4

-Senior Check out in class by period, turn in books, etc. turn in final check out sheet (all seniors) and any fines in office by 3:00 pm

5/29      -Cap decoration form due to advisor

-Baccalaureate Practice, 3:00 @ Zillah Nazarene Church, (required)

-Baccalaureate, 7:00 pm @ Zillah Nazarene Church (Seniors arrive at 6:45 & carpool please.)

5/30      -Senior Class Field Trip to Silverwood

               -All fines must be cleared by 2:00 in the office to participate in graduation

5/31      -Graduation Practice 11:00 am, ZHS Field (required of all seniors who march at graduation)

-Graduation pictures-Begins with Class picture then Individual & small group-5:30-7:15-PAC

               -Festival Seating for Graduation-Stadium 6:45 pm

               -Graduation ceremony, 7:30 pm, ZHS Andy Collins Memorial Field

               -Senior Parents Graduation Party follows graduation

6/18      -Senior grades/final transcript mailed to seniors, Fall 2019 schools (from future plans listing) & College

  Bound Scholarship Program (if eligible)


Meet the ZHS Class of 2019

Note: This list is unofficial until certified for graduation purposes on May 28, 2019.

Elizabeth Alvarez

Alyssa Claire Andersen

Cydni Jo Anderson

Aliyana Mercedes Avalos

Robert Russell Bartz

Cristien Michael Bass

Cole Benjamin Belton

Conner Blake Belton

Ethan Xavier Boisselle

Levi Joseph Bollinger

Luis Gustavo Briones-Cecilio

Maria Ealayna Burgess-Castillo

Brian Glenn Calhoun

Destiny Dianne Cannon

Ryker Michael Carlisle

Aineka Rose Carlson

Moises Carranza

Erik Ceballos

Crystal Denise Chavez

Leslie Kay Cummings

Grace Kaylee De Jong

Callie Rae Delp

Cesar Ivan Diaz

Kira Elizabeth Doonan

John Dwayne Dufault

Mary Elizabeth Dunn

Madison Marian Elizondo-Marroquin

Brock Alvin Ellis

Brycen Lynn Emery

Gage Lowell Eshleman

Justin Michael Favilla

Carlie Rose Frank

Augustus McCrae Gabriel

Randy Garcia

Brianna Lei Garza

Fernando Godoy-Ponce

Robeth Eanston Gomez Sanchez

Chance Austin Goodwin

Emily Gordillo

Monserrat Galilea Gradilla

Teresa Isabel Gradilla Cisneros

Angela Kathryn Gregory

Madison Lee Grenz

Makilie Elizabeth Hernandez

Ryan Oscar Hernandez

Dakota Douglas Hibbs

Joslyn Paige Hudson

Mia Dorie Hunter

Tyler Christopher Hutt

Calla Rylin Isaac

Maggie Leigh Isley

Attaci James

Julia Jeannette Johann

Alan Samuel Johnson

Makayla Anne Koerner

Wade Jarrod Koerner

Addison Kay Krueger

Jace Richard Lang

Timothy George Leslie

Adrian Magana

Kaden Thomas Magana

Javier Manon

Fermin Martinez

Yadira Mendez

Nathanial Lee Mendoza

Chloe Noel Messmore

Elijah Cruz Milam

Paul Joseph Moneymaker

Chase Daniel Morford

Andres Muniz Alejandre

Mireya Alejandra Navarro

Kobe Jon Nishi

Kelsea Elizabeth Nunes

Shelby Ann Nye

Leslie Ochoa

Andrew David Olson

Olivia Kayleen Paulson

Lacey Savannah Pettit

Shelby Lynn Place

Nathan Michael Quantrell-Brown

Evelyn Rincon Jimenez

Ethan Sage Ritchie

Quinton Everett Rogers-Burgett

Edgar Rojas

Perla Nathalie Romero

Brendan Dakota Rubalcaba

Antonio Michael Salinas

Guillermo Sanchez

Elienai Sandoval

Paola Briget Sandoval

Alyssa Raye Schenk

Dallon Robert Nani Kauai O ku'ulani Slobig

William Joseph Snell

Rebekah Solis Bucio

Angel W. Soto

Bailey Laine Sparks

Kade Blaine Stewart

Axel Vaughan Suggs-Ledin

Courtnie Cheyanne Trego

Abel Troncoso

Alexander Jason Valdez

Cristian Valencia

Parker Gregory Van De Graaf

Cody Ray Vance

Courtney Rae Vance

Madison Anahi Villafan

Chase Montgomery J. Watlamet

Jenaka Lee Webster

Anthony Wesselius 

 Seating at Graduation-The placement of seniors on the stage is listed below.  This may help families to plan their seating in the audience.

Click here to open the 2019 graduation seating chart


Baccalaureate Celebration

Zillah High School Class of 2019

Zillah Church of the Nazarene

Wednesday May 29, 2019 7:00 pm



Commencement Exercises

Zillah High School Class of 2019

Andy Collins Memorial Field

Friday, May 31, 2019 7:30 pm


ZHS Class of 2019 Departmental Honor Awards: Career/Tech Education, English, Fine Arts, Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies    (5-15-19)

Ally Anderson: Health/Fitness, Fine Arts

Cydni Anderson: Fine Arts,

Aliyana Avalos: English, Math, Science, Social Studies

Aineka Carlson: English, Fine Arts, Math, Science

Moises Carranza: English, Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies,

Grace De Jong: Fine Arts, Social Studies

Brock Ellis: English, Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies

Justin Favilla: Social Studies

Carlie Frank: Career/Technical Education, English, Science, Social Studies,

Gus Gabriel: English, Fine Arts, Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies

Monse Gradilla: English, Social Studies

Dakota Hibbs: Health/Fitness

Joslyn Hudson: Fine Arts

Calla Isaac: Fine Arts

Maggie Isley: Health/Fitness

Julia Johann: Fine Arts

Jace Lange: English, Fine Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Tim Leslie: English, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies

Adrian Magana: Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies,

Nate Mendoza: English, Health/Fitness, Social Studies

Chloe Messmore: Science, Social Studies

Paul Moneymaker: Career/Technical Education, Math, Social Studies

Chase Morford: English, Fine Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Kobe Nishi: English, Health/Fitness, Math, Science, Social Studies,

Kelsea Nunes: English, Math, Science, Social Studies

Shelby Nye: English, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies

Olivia Paulson: Career/Technical Education,

Lacey Pettit: English, Fine Arts, Math, Social Studies,

Shelby Place: English, Fine Arts, Social Studies

Quinton Rogers-Burgett: English, Math, Science, Social Studies

Elienai Sandoval: English, Fine Arts, Social Studies,

Dallon Slobig: Social Studies

Bailey Sparks: English, Health/Fitness, Math, Social Studies

Madison Villafan: English, Fine Arts


& Academic Top 10% 5-15-19

Aineka Carlson

Moises Carranza

Brock Ellis

Gus Gabriel

Jace Lang

Tim Leslie

Chase Morford

Kobe Nishi

Kelsea Nunes

Quinton Rogers-Burgett

Elienai Sandoval