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guidance logoZillah High School Senior Guidance: This guide was designed to help ZHS seniors and their families review information shared at the annual Fall guidance conference and to use during the senior year as a guidance resource.


Ready Set Grad at is a website to help ensure every 1student in Washington State has access to the tools, information, and support they need to graduate high school and make college accessible and affordable.  Online tools help students of all ages create their own college plan. The right path for you may be a certificate program, apprentice, career-technical training, an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate college degree.


Senior Year Guidance Conference Information


Diploma Name: Order your diploma at the end of your senior conference.  Check with your parents regarding your name selection and spelling. You should use your full legal name. Your name should match other forms of legal identity such as social security card, birth certificate, drivers license.  The name on your ZHS transcript name should also match the diploma name. You will be asked to approve the typing of your name on the order form in October.  This will be your last opportunity to update your diploma name before the order is placed.

Graduation & Testing Requirements

ZHS 4 Year Plan

Senior Time Line and Important Dates


Career Information

(click on links to open information)

ZHS Career Pathways

Career Resources

Career Cluster Interest Survey

Military Career Awareness

Washington Career Bridge

Where Are You Going?-Career & Education Guide

US Bureau of Labor




4Post-Secondary Opportunities: Schools, Colleges, Military, Apprenticeship, World of Work

Lists of Colleges & Schools

Lists of Post-Secondary Representatives & Contact Information


Which Option is Best for You After High School?

Topics in this section will include information about:

  • Various schools, colleges, military, apprentice and world of work options
  • Specific information about baccalaureate universities (public and independent) and Community Colleges
  • Graduate/Professional   Degrees
  • In State Versus Out Of State Colleges including the WUE Option
  • GUR’s-General University Requirements
  • Transferring from a community college to 4 year university and how the Direct Transfer Agreement-DTA works (See YVC DTA at
  • Technical Colleges and Specialty Colleges/Schools
  • Military Career and Financing Options
  • Apprenticeship Programs & OJT-On The Job Training
  • Volunteer, Community Service Work-Learning
  • ZHS Senior Placement Statistics


Be Prepared For College

ZHS College Prep 4 Year Plan

CADR-College Academic Distribution Requirements

College Visitations

          Campus Visitation Checklist

           Campus Visitation Verification Form (Senior Project)

          A Guide to Choosing A College-Asking the Right Questions on a Campus Visit

Testing for College Admission and Placement and/or Military Enlistment


Applying To Colleges/Schools 

  • Application Procedures
  • Tips on Completing Applications
  • Essays and Personal Statements
  • Letters of Recommendation for Admission
  • Interviews
  • Early Decision vs. Early Action
  • Acceptance
  • The Wait List
  • Denied Admission


Preparing for Success as a College Student 

  • College Orientation
  • How College Credits Work


Living Away From Home-Campus Housing And Meal Plans 

  • Living at Home/Commuting
  • Living Away from Home-On Campus
  • Resident Halls/Dormitories
  • University Apartments
  • Getting Ready for the Move
  • What to Bring to the Dorm
  • Moving Day Tips
  • Roommates Success
  • College Greek Life
  • Off Campus Housing
  • Meal/Dining Plans


5Financial Aid Introduction

  • Budgeting for College
  • Need and Merit Based Aid
  • Gift, Loan, and Self Support Aid
  • Federal Aid Programs-Summary
  • Grants
  • Work Study
  • Loans


Five Steps to Receive Financial Aid  

  • Contact Your Colleges/Schools for Opportunities
  • Don't Get Scammed
  • ZHS Scholarship Resources (including weekly newsletter listing of scholarships)
  • WashBoard Free Scholarship Search



The “FAFSA”-Free Application for Federal Student Aid

FSA ID (Required to apply for FASFA)

FAFSA Forecaster

FAFSA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are not FAFSA eligible try the WASFA at


Finding Scholarships


6ZHS Senior Project

Seniors earn 1.0 credit when they complete the project which is required for graduation. Requirements and recommendations for the Senior Project are reviewed with each student at their annual guidance conference.

During the Senior year each student is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor will help guide the senior to successful completion of the project and will report progress for grading purposes. Seniors will be graded with a P = Pass or an F = Fail depending on their success in meeting the objective on time. The Senior Project is part of the eligibility process for the Senior year.  Due dates are announced in the spring of the Junior year. For details go to our ZHS Senior Project Website.