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This website was designed to help ZHS Freshman and their families review information shared at the annual guidance conference.  

GuidanceGraduation & Testing Requirements

ZHS 4 Year Plan

Ready Set Grad is a web resource to help ensure every student in Washington State has access to the tools, information, and support they need to graduate high school and make college accessible and affordable. Our online tools help students of all ages—from middle schoolers to adult scholars—create their own college plan. We know the path to college is not the same for every student. The right path for you may be a certificate program, vocational training, or an associate, bachelor’s, or graduate degree. We’re here to help you earn whichever fits your life goals. What are you waiting for? Get started on your plan now at


Career Information

ZHS Career Pathways

Career Resources

Career Cluster Interest Survey

Military Career Awareness

Washington Career Bridge   

US Bureau of Labor

 Ed Pays

Your Post Secondary (after graduation) Opportunities:

Schools, Colleges, Military, Apprenticeship, World of Work


Check out College/School Options: Lists of Colleges & Schools 

Talk to Real People: Lists of Post-Secondary Representatives & Contact Information

After High School, Which Option is Best for You?  Topics in this section will include information about:

  •   Various schools, colleges, military, apprentice and world of work options
  •   Specific information about baccalaureate universities (public and independent) and Community Colleges
  •   Graduate/Professional   Degrees
  •   In State Versus Out Of State Colleges including the WUE Option
  •   GUR’s-General University Requirements
  •   Transferring from a community college to 4 year university and how the Direct Transfer Agreement-DTA works
  •   Technical Colleges and Specialty Colleges/Schools
  •   Military Career and Financing Options
  •   Apprenticeship Programs & OJT-On The Job Training
  •   Volunteer, Community Service Work-Learning
  •   ZHS Senior Placement Statistics

Be Prepared For College

ZHS College Prep 4 Year Plan

CADR-College Academic Distribution Requirements

College Visitations

          Campus Visitation Checklist

          Campus Visitation Verification Form (Senior Project)

          A Guide to Choosing A College-Asking the Right Questions on a Campus Visit


Paying for College

Financial Aid Introduction (Which includes specific information on these topics)


 Senior Portfolio Project:

Seniors earn 1.0 credit when they complete the Senior Portfolio Project which is required for graduation. Requirements and recommendations for the Senior Portfolio Project will be reviewed with each student at their annual guidance conference.

During the Senior year each student is assigned a faculty advisor. The advisor will help guide the senior to successful completion of the project and will report progress for grading purposes. Seniors will be graded with a P = Pass or an F = Fail depending on their success in meeting the objective on time.

         Senior year due dates are announced in the spring of the Junior year.

Annual Recommendation: Students should document the following items and place them in their portfolio each year so that data is as complete and accurate as possible for the senior year:

  • High School and Beyond Plan
  • Activities Log
  • Collect award certificates.
  • Collect examples of your best work

 Go to our Senior Portfolio website for details.