Note:  The calendars below are updated each Monday with any changes. 

To open and download a printable version of a calendar, click on the links listed below:

ZSD 2017-18 Year Calendar

ZHS May 2018

ZHS June 2018

ZHS July 2018


ZSD 2018-19 Year Calendar-TBD

Below are UNOFFICIAL (Tentative) Calendars for the upcoming school year.  They are based on an estimate following the current year calendars. 

ZHS August 2018

ZHS September 2018 

ZHS October 2018

ZHS November 2018

ZHS December 2018

ZHS January 2019

ZHS February 2019

ZHS March 2019

ZHS April 2019

ZHS May 2019

ZHS June 2019

ZHS July 2019